Why Take Voice Lessons? (Part 2)

You Have an Audition

You have an audition and you want to be prepared. First, if you need help with your singing, giving yourself more time and practice will net greater improvements.

I am primarily a technician versus being a performance coach, so I am the person you work with to make your voice all around better. Making a voice better takes time and practice, so cramming for an audition isn’t recommended.

There are people who specialize specifically in how to work the reality TV auditions so they turn out in your favor and can give you short-term coaching and guidance. I only know what my students who have been through these auditions tell me, so it’s not my primary focus. If you want to go in with a better voice than you have, it helps to start lessons at least several of months prior to your auditions, and much more than that if possible.

Changing Your Style

You have taken lessons before or been in choir, but you want to work on a more commercial sound. I specialize in contemporary commercial styles of music.

A choral or classical sound is a wonderful thing to develop, but it doesn’t always translate when singing pop, rock, blues, country, R&B, and other radio-friendly styles.

We will work your entire voice in a way that lets you sing many styles including choral, etc, but my lessons focus on contemporary commercial music styles (including some musical theatre). I am a rock, pop, R&B, jazz and country girl through and through. All of my years of teaching have focused solely on these styles and their variations.

Other Reasons

You play guitar or piano and want to sing and play, or you have been nominated to be the singer in your band. You joined the church choir or praise band.

You love karaoke but you don’t want to have rotten fruit thrown at you.

You want to sing for your wedding, anniversary, parents’ anniversary, graduation, a football game, an event, etc.

You write songs and want to sing them well.

You downright love singing and want to invest time to improve.

You were told you were tone-deaf and you need lots of help.

There are as many reasons to take lessons as there are new students. To me, voice lessons are a great joy.

I have the gift of many voices each day I teach, and I get to guide my students and hear them progress. Of course I am biased because I have happily made voice lessons my career, but I think they are great. I love my job.

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