Why Take Voice Lessons? (Part 1)

These are a few of the many reasons you might decide to commit yourself to voice lessons.

You’ve Always Wanted to Sing

You have always wanted to sing, and you want to take steps to learn how. You would be surprised how many adults contact me in this situation. For many younger singers, this is a great reason to start lessons. I love working with beginners to singing and beginners to lessons. We can start from the basics and build good habits and a healthy voice, or if you have been singing in the shower and the car and want to take it to the next level, I will guide you through exercises to strengthen and improve your voice.

You’ve Taken a Singing Break

You used to sing in school or when you were younger, but you’ve stopped and your voice isn’t what it used to be. Voices are living things, and they have a long maturation process, so your voice will continue to change as you grow and mature. For some voice types (the lower voices), they don’t fully mature until your late thirties! Most people are more concerned with the notes they used to be able to hit, but can no longer reach comfortably. Regaining your range is generally a matter of strengthening the muscles used to sing and reminding the body of good singing habits so long as you have realistic expectations. If you sang very high as a youngster and your voice gets lower and deeper, you might not be able to sing in the same exact way as an adult, but we can set realistic goals and work towards them in a specific way.

Professional with Vocal Issues

You are a singer who is having vocal trouble while performing/recording/touring and you need some extra help. If you are having any major issues such as persistent hoarseness or a sudden change in your voice, seek medical advice first. Rule out a medical issue if you have any concern that you injured or damaged your voice. The doctor you want to see is a laryngologist or an otolaryngologist. Issues I can help you with include pitch problems, projection or power, consistency, range, flexibility, fatigue, precision, riffs and runs, and other general aspects of singing that require skill and technique. I have the utmost respect for each artist’s and singer’s individuality. I will work with your uniqueness without trying to change your sound. I will give you tools to allow you to do what you do easier, better, and more safely. It should save you time in the studio, too!

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