I hit the musical jackpot in terms of family. My mother is a singer and my father was a multi-instrumentalist singing jazz musician.

From the time I could hear in utero, I was bombarded with Bach, Billie Holiday and John Coltrane. I saw Bill Evans play at age 2. I started Suzuki violin at age 3 and a half.

I was a kid at a jazz gig too many times to count. My first taste of “show business” was helping to lug my dad’s drum kit back to the van as a child. I was very, very lucky to have the exposure and a musical education that can’t be bought.

As I got older, I discovered my love of problem-solving and teaching. I have earned money teaching since I was 15 starting with math tutoring, of all things. I haven’t stopped teaching one thing or another since then (the early 90s!). I graduated with a Math degree from Southwestern University where I studied voice privately with Claire Vangelisti.

I have taught voice since 2003, but in 2010 I got very lucky all over again when I discovered Jeanette LoVetri and her Somatic Voicework™ the LoVetri Method. I recommend the method to anyone who wants to understand the voice and how to teach singing today.

That’s me in a nutshell: lifelong passion for music and singing. problem-solver, teacher.

Thanks for reading about me.

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